What You Will Learn

Legacy Education's Online Stock Success Training focuses on establishing you as an educated investor. You will learn the importance of analyzing stocks before you buy them. We'll also show you how to better determine the direction and volatility of the markets and of the specific industry in which you are investing. This will help build your confidence, allowing you to get started quickly. We will then enhance your abilities by introducing additional "tools of the trade." By employing numerous strategies, you will learn how you can create profit potential in every type of market.

The Stock Success Training will take you step-by-step through the mechanics of a real-time stock transaction. It covers everything from general market forecasting (in order to reduce your investing risks) to advanced technical analysis of stock examples and much, much more. You'll learn how to protect the stocks you already own, as well as how to take control of your retirement programs to maximize your returns with strategies used everyday by market pros.

We'll also introduce you to a wide variety of advanced investment strategies including covered calls, call and put options and leaps that will allow you to take a proactive approach to accumulating wealth and safeguarding your future. This hands-on experiential training will allow you to find your own personal niche and investing style to best meet your needs.